Meeting Schedule

Sheridan Gardens meets at Experience Church, 3800 East Douglas Avenue at 6:00 P.M. in April, July and October with their annual meeting being in October.   The dates of the meetings vary but are publicized by sending a postcard to every household within the boundaries.  Sheridan Gardens also takes part in National Night Out in August.


North:  Hubbell Avenue (north side)

East:  Starting at East 43rd & Hubbell, from Hubbell to Douglas (border is city limits), from Douglas to Boyd (border is East 43rd Court-east side), from Boyd to Easton (border is city limits)

South:  Easton Blvd. (north side)

West:  East 33rd Street (east side)



Kurt Lee

H:  515-265-0675  C: 515-491-5436
[email protected]

Vice President 
Mary Scott

H: 515-265-0565
[email protected]


Margie Brown

H:  515-266-1741 C:  515-480-6117
[email protected]

Donna Ball
H: 515-266-7117 C: 515-556-0641
[email protected]

Board Members